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Most likely, you are browsing this site because you are looking for the best bass lessons in Knoxville, TN – and indeed, you’ve found the right place! Not only will you learn from a bass guitar teacher that has a Bachelor of Science degree in Music Education and 20+ years teaching experience, but someone that also spent 15 years as a professional Nashville bassist – engaging in national and international tours and sharing the stage with a Who’s Who of country music and southern rock stars! A bass instructor that is well rounded and versed in many genres such as classical, jazz, country, blues, motown, funk, as well as rock and it’s many sub-genres (classic rock, alternative rock, punk, metal, etc.).

If all of the above sounds like music to your ears, then let us introduce you to pro bassist and music educator, Ryan Byrne. Ryan is now accepting private electric bass guitar students online exclusively through Knoxville Academy of Music, Tennessee’s largest independent music school!

Private online bass lessons with Ryan Byrne are $38.00 per 30 minute lesson held once a week, 48 weeks a year with a $35 registration fee.

Online Electric Bass Instructor Ryan Byrne

Ryan Byrne | Electric Bass Guitar Teacher | Knoxville TN

To sign up for or learn more about private online bass lessons with Ryan Byrne, please contact:
Knoxville Academy of Music
165 West End Avenue
Knoxville, TN 37934
(865) 675-1655

Bass Guitar Lessons with Ryan Byrne at Knoxville Academy of Music